To a Man Who Gave His All

Over 50 years ago Constable Calvin Byam, a member of the Lethbridge Police, was dispatched to assist evacuating a small island in the river valley where severe flooding had occurred. In attempting to rescue several people who were living in a hut, Constable Byam was swept away and drowned. He left behind his wife and seven children. A memorial service was held in his honour, which included the unveiling of a plaque that can be found in the river valley, speeches by police officers and family members, awarding of Retired Lethbridge Police Badge #163, and a poem written and read by his granddaughter. Afterwards the family gathered for some pictures and dinner. It was a very special day and I was reminded of the everyday heroes in our community, those serving us today and those who have given their lives. 

Graduation Celebration

It was such a beautiful day to celebrate a graduation from high school! Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours Jordon!

Beautiful Winter Wedding

This wonderful woman has been a friend of mine for over 16 years. I was so thankful to see and her and her children match up with an amazing man and his kids. It felt so peaceful and serene as the newly fallen snow blanketed the earth, adding a deeper symbolism to their wedding day (even though it meant for some cold toes)! I truly felt blessed to be part of their special day.

Annalise’s First Christmas

I loved every moment of this photoshoot. Their heirloom miniature family red chair, the peaceful music playing in the background, the softly falling white snow with berries of red. Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year. So glad I was able to help capture a bit of the magic of Annalise’s first one.

Baby Marcus

Baby Marcus is nothing short of a true miracle. Jen and Jay were married the exact same day as my husband and I, 16 years ago. After fertility difficulty, they adopted three times and now have 3 beautiful daughters. Their youngest was in school and they were making plans for the future, when Jen found out she was pregnant. Now they are blessed to have a son in their family and Jen got to experience pregnancy,labour, and all the “fun” that goes along with that (hers might actually be the worst labour and post labour story that I have heard). Glad Marcus made it here safely and Jen is starting to feel a little better. Their oldest daughter happened to get home early from school while we were taking pictures, so she got to get a couple too.