Waterton Engagement Photos

As I watched the news today showing that Waterton was up in flames, it’s been emotional as I have finished editing these pictures of a place I love. I was thinking about the tree covered mountains and hills and how devastatingly different it will probably look the next time I am there. I am thankful we were able to take these engagement photos when we did. These photos have become even more of a treasure. It was a little smoky as we finished up the photoshoot, but it added a beautiful muted colour palate to the engagement photos of my cousin and her soon-to-be husband. I had so much fun with the two of them. They are a wonderful couple and it made me beam inside to see the two of them so happy together! I’m so excited for their wedding coming up in November. 

Senior Photos

My niece, who lives in Washington, is a Senior in High School this year! She is the oldest of the grandchildren on my husband’s side and was born the year we got married. So it’s a little crazy to see her getting so grown up! I was able to take these pictures when we were all together as family in Montana this summer. We did some photos in the morning and finished off with a session in the evening. She is a great girl and I am thankful to have her as my niece.

Anderson Family

I was thrilled to meet the whole amazing family of my friend Jody! It was truly a pleasure to spend the evening with this beautiful family. Glad they were able to get together from long distances in Canada and the United States to enjoy some family time.


I am a Steed by birth. When I moved up to Edmonton, I had heard that there was a Steed cousin of my dad’s that I had never met (or at least remember meeting) who would be in our same church congregation. The very first Sunday I was there, I scoured the building and I was immediately able to pick out the “Steed.” There are some characteristics that many Steeds carry with them, and I love that I could probably jump into this Steed family: my uncle and aunt and cousins, and I would look like I belonged. (That said, many Steeds are tall (especially this family); I am not one of those Steeds. So you would easily be able to pick me out from this crowd.?) We enjoyed a wonderful evening together as family in the beautiful River Bottom at Magic Hour! 

Family Forever

This is a friend I made years ago in Kelowna, BC. It was the summer after my Grade 9 school year and my dad was teaching a University summer session course at the campus in Kelowna. The rest of our family made it into a vacation. While we were there, we still attended our church meetings on Sunday and I instantly made friends with Kari. We have kept in contact ever since. Not able to have their own children, she and her husband have been blessed to be able to adopt two beautiful boys. I was able to attend a sealing ceremony in the temple, enabling their family to be together, not only during this mortal life, but after death as well.  It was truly a special day and I felt very blessed to be part of it.