Byam Family

A great family…. just trying to get some pictures before Christmas. The weather was beautiful for the end of November; unluckily, their littlest guy was teething and pretty inconsolable. We did our best: food, squeaking toy giraffe, playing peek-a-boo, and tossing in the air. In the end, he was happiest with his head snuggled next to his mom. It was my favourite family picture of the session! Their older son, who has, in the past been a little more difficult to get some smiles out of, was just plain cute and gave me all sorts of grins. Thanks Calvin! I had a great time.

Baby Thomas

This is another great mom I’ve had the privilege to do Joy School with over the years. Their family lived in England while her husband was going to school. I loved to have her teach us the lessons and activities, particularly when she threw in bits from England here and there.

I was amazed at the beautiful autumn colours abundant in their backyard, which made a handy backdrop for our outside photos!

My favourite part of the photoshoot though was when we were looking though some of the photos I had taken.  We had a little extra time while we were waiting  for Thomas to finish eating, so I was showed the kids some of the pictures I had taken of them on the LCD screen of my camera. Their oldest son got really excited and exclaimed, “Wow, they look like they could have been taken by a professional!” I laughed and commented, “Well, that’s the effect I’m going for, especially since your parents are paying me!”


These are the parents of a good friend of mine from my High School and University days. Most of the leaves had fallen already, but we were lucky enough to find a nook with some beautiful leaves still clinging on for a beautiful autumn day.

Gutsell Family

Several years back, this lovely lady and I were in book club and Joy School together. Such great memories. For this photoshoot, the Gutsell family introduced me to this sweet spot where they often go for walks with their dog. Thanks for a great evening!

Baby Ridge

On top of this couple being super model beautiful, coupled with the fact that their baby behaved pretty near perfect, it’s easy to make some beautiful pictures. We ended up doing a dual photoshoot (indoor&outdoor sessions). Mom wanted some indoor pictures, which I aim to do close to mid-day. But she also wanted Dad in the pictures too (who was unavailable during day-time hours), which would mean an evening outdoor session. So we decided to do a little of both. I had been so nervous for this shoot, but I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out; there are a few new favourites of mine in here!